Component II DNA - 80 kb circles

This represents a partial genomic sequence (Maslov and Simpson, 1994; Lukes et al., 1994). Genes above the line are 5' to 3', left to right, and genes below are 5' to 3', right to left. The function of the repeat region is unknown. 12S and 9S are the mitochondrial rRNAs. CO = cytochrome oxidase; MURF = maxicircle unidentified reading frame; ND = NADH dehydrogenase; CYb = cytochrome b; RPS12 = ribosomal protein S12; GR1, GR2 = G-rich regions (putative pan-edited cryptogenes); ORF = open reading frame The sequences obtained by clicking the genes are in GCG format. Clicking within the edited region gives the edited sequence, and clicking within the unedited region, the unedited sequence.

Component I DNA - 180 kb circles

This is the gRNA-encoding component and corresponds to the catenated minicircles in the trypanosomatids. The ScaI repeat encodes a gRNA of unknown function, and is 1000X more abundant than the identified gRNA genes (Yasuhira and Simpson, 1996).

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