Definitions of Terms used in Uridine Insertion/Deletion RNA Editing:

Cryptogene: A gene whose transcript is edited.
Guide RNA or gRNA: A short 3'-uridylated RNA that can form a perfect duplex (except for the oligo[U] tail) with a stretch of mature edited mRNA.
Anchor duplex: the RNA duplex formed by hybridization of the 5' end of the gRNA and the mRNA sequence just downstream of the first editing site in an editing block.
Pre-edited region or sequence: Sequence that will be edited in the mature RNA.
Unedited region or sequence: Sequence that is never edited.
Editing block: Edited mRNA sequence mediated by a single gRNA.
Editing domain: Edited mRNA sequence mediated by 2 or more overlapping gRNAs.
Mature edited mRNA: A completely precisely edited mRNA.
Partially edited mRNA: An mRNA edited only in the 3' region.
Misedited sequence: Incorrectly edited sequence.
Pan-edited gene: extensively edited.
3' oligo[U] tail: The string of non-encoded U's at the 3' end of the gRNA.
gRNA-mRNA chimeric molecule: A molecule which consists of a gRNA 5' which is covalently linked at the 3' end to an mRNA, usually at an editing site.