The maxicircle was linearized. Note that this represents an incomplete genomic sequence. The relative localizations of the three regions are indicated by homology to the L. tarentolae maxicircle sequence. Maxicircle-encoded gRNAs are not indicated. Genes above the line are 5' to 3', left to right, and genes below are 5' to 3', right to left. 12S and 9S are the mitochondrial rRNAs. CO = cytochrome oxidase, MURF = maxicircle unidentified reading frame, ND = NADH dehydrogenase, CYb = cytochrome b, A6 = ATPase subunit 6, RPS12 = ribosomal protein S12, G1-G5 = G-rich regions 1-5. The sequences obtained by clicking the genes are in GCG format. Click within the edited region to get the edited sequence and click within the unedited region to get the pre-edited sequence.

Link to final C.f. maxicircle sequence  in Genbank format.


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