Fig. 1. A schematic presentation of the genomic organization of the L. major maxicircle. This region contains 5 protein-encoding (COII, COIII, ND1, ND7, Cyt b) and two ribosomal genes (12S and 9S) and three unidentified open reading frames (MURF1, MURF4 and MURF5). The abbreviations used for individual genes are those used for L. tarentolae de la Cruz et al. (1984). Note: // indicates truncated genes; sequence for G-rich regions is bold and underlined; 12S and 9S genes are underlined; start and stop codons (bold) are marked by (|) above the codon ; Nforward transcription; breverse transcription; # putative editing regions marked upon the sequence.

From Yatawara et al. (2008)