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blue snowball-1.jpg
Bode's galaxy 2-29-08.jpg
Bode's Galaxy.jpg
Cigar galaxy.jpg
Dumpbell nebula.jpg
Leo Triplet 4-27-08.jpg
Lost galaxy.jpg
M 101.jpg
M 13 cluster.jpg
M 35.jpg
M 42 new.jpg
M 51.jpg
M 53 cluster.jpg
M 615 galaxy.jpg
M 92.jpg


The telescope was pointed to the precise location of the asteroid and multiple short exposures were taken.  Images were taken with a Meade 10 inch RCX400 using an SBIG single color ST2000XCM camera with SBIG AO8 adaptive optics. Several images were aligned and blink-processed in Visual Pinpoint to see the relative movement of the asteroid compared to the stationary stars.
The video was converted to AVI  format.